Best Chest & Upright Commercial Freezers Buying Guide

A commercial freezer is used in hotels and restaurants that require bulk storage space for deep freezing meat and poultry products. It uses a lot of power because of its size, but it effectively preserves large amounts of raw food items. Since hundreds of different types of double door refrigerators and single door refrigerators are manufactured by companies, Selecting the best refrigerators in India among them is a frustrating task.

How to Defrost a Commercial Upright Freezer?

First determine if the freezer has an ADC or mechanical defrost timer. The best way to do this is to take a look at the diagram that the freezer came with. Unlike older models, newer ones contain ADC. It has an advanced electronic timer board that keeps track of the number of times the door has been opened and records the temperature fluctuation while doing so.

Commercial freezers that have a mechanical timer have to be registered so that they automatically shift into defrost mode after every five to eight hours. If the freezer doesn’t have it then you have to turn on the timer knob.

If the freezer, both commercial chest freezers and regular models, is a new model with an integrated ADC then make sure the light bulb is fully functional and visible to initiate the process and press the fresh food light switch five times repeatedly. within a few seconds.

Turn off the defrost mode after cycle completion. Repeat the process of pressing to end the cycle. This manual override will automatically terminate the ADC cycle.

Troubleshooting a Commercial Freezer

  • If the inner temperature is to high adjust the climate control to the proper temperature. Try not to open the door too frequently while it’s adjusting as the warm external air will enter the fridge of freezer and raise the internal temperature.
  • Set the temperature high if the machine runs too long or often. The appliance will have to work extra to keep it cool if the kitchen is hot. Also, cut down the amount of warm food kept in the freezer if it runs for too long.
  • Check the gasket and if it looks dirty, clean it with a cloth and soap water. Commercial freezers are less efficient if seals gets dirty.
  • If the door does not close, then check if the freezer is leveled. Keeping in mind the slope of the floor and adjust the freezer accordingly. Keep in mind that a commercial refrigerator freezer combo is many times heavier than a household freezer.
  • If the lamp does not work then inspect the power supply. The power cord can get disconnected if you wheel it away for cleaning. Fix the connection immediately before food start degrading.

Buying Tips for a Commercial Fridge Freezer

A unit’s level of technology will usually determine its freezing efficacy. A commercial freezer is designed to maintain 36 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit inside the fridge and between -2 and 2 degrees inside the freezer.

Decide on the size you need. Chiefly meant for usage in commercial organizations, a commercial refrigerator freezer combo has to be big enough to allow storage. You can also go for a commercial chest freezer/refrigerator for under the counter if your needs are small.

To cut down on maintenance costs, buy an energy-efficient refrigerator that consumes little power. An Energy Star freezer will cut down on energy costs. Check the cabinet if it is made of an eco-friendly, durable construction. The cabinet construction will determine the longevity of the refrigerator. Consider the warranty period offered with the unit. An average fridge comes with a one-year warranty on parts and labor and five years on the compressor.

Look for additional features like an externally placed digital thermometer that helps in setting and reading the internal temperature, ice dispenser and SpillGuard shelves.

Recommended Best Commercial Refrigerator Freezer Combos

Frigidaire FFU14M5HW is one of the best Frigidaire commercial freezers – a freestanding upright model with a 14.1-cubic-foot capacity. The freezer is highly efficient, with features like pop-out key locks for securely locking the contents inside, a defrost water drain for draining the water conveniently during defrosting, and a power on indicator light.

With StorMor slide-out baskets, three glass shelves, lift-out door bins and five fixed door racks, the freezer offers a compete storage solution for large quantities of food. Other additional features include a color-coordinated handle for a stylish look, reduced temperature compressors for desired freezing, a temperature alarm to prompt the users about the existing temperature and more.

Heavy Duty from the Imperial commercial freezer range is a 20.8-cubic-foot capacitive freezer with an advanced vacuum suction door for effective freezing of foods. The freezer offers a large storage space with four fast freezing coiled shelves, an adjustable plastic shelf, a large slide out basket and six plastic shelves on the doors.

Other features include a power on light, the Super Freeze and Super Defrost features for fast deep freezing and defrosting, a defrost drain, a temperature alarm, interior lighting and more. This item costs below $1500.

If, you are tight on your budget, you can buy used commercial freezers that are in good condition.

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