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Schwinn 240 Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Schwinn 240 Recumbent Exercise Bike revolutionizes home exercise with its state-of-the-art design and engineering. It is perfect for home workouts with its 17 workout programs that include 8 pre-set course profiles, target heart rate, and 2 custom workout profiles. A 20-pound flywheel offers 16 resistance levels, so whether youre a fresh starter or a fitness professional, the Schwinn 240 offers diverse workout programs in varying levels to suit your exercise and workout needs. If you are in search of best exercise bikes then you can find latest top 10 exercise bikes here.

The recumbent engineering of the Schwinn 240 brings remarkable ease for anyone wishing to get into regular indoor exercise. One can work out in a relaxed position, causing less strain and injury to the body, especially on the joints and the back. Schwinn 240 comes with padded ergonomic seats that have dual position lumbar support which can be easily adjusted to your most comfortable position. Checkout high quality exercise bikes in here.

The pedaling mechanism features BioDyne performance, with a high inertia perimeter-weighted flywheel replicating the true road feel. The unit is telemetry-enabled and comes with an integrated handlebar grip heart rate monitor. Its walk-through frame and added features such as a bottle holder and reading rack gives you smooth, realistic and quality workouts in the comforts of your own home!

For an amazing price of under $450, the Schwinn 240 Recumbent Exercise Bike is an absolute steal! It offers the comfort and features of exercise bikes in the $1000 price range and can definitely beat other higher costing brands in a head to head comparison. Built to last with its high quality steel frame, the Schwinn 240 provides the greatest versatility for its price. With nearly 20 pre-programmed exercise workouts and 16 resistance levels, this workout bike provides comfortable and quality training experience to riders at every level.

It comes with added features that wont leave you looking for any more. Comfortable and adjustable seats, a great pedaling mechanism that duplicates a real road feel, a comprehensive LCD monitoring console, water bottle and magazine racks, etc. what more can you ask for? Both extremely attractive in its looks and performance, the Schwinn 240 is definitely one great value for money purchase.

Tunturi E60R Recumbent Bike

The Tunturi brand is known for its high quality workmanship and Scandinavian design. The inventor of this home fitness exercise equipment owns quite a few patents which shows their commitment to innovation for this recumbent bike. They have created unique innovations with safety features as well as comfort. They work hard to create programs that will give the motivation needed to make the best use of their effective training session.

For many people comfort can be the deciding factor when buying exercise equipment. The Tunturi E60R Recumbent Bike has a step-through frame, making it easy to get on and off. There is an adjustable piece soft seat with great support for the back during workouts. Adjustable tilt-able handlebars add to the overall comfort you get to give you the best ergonomic benefits possible. In addition convenient storage space for your towel and water bottle are part of the overall design. It is easy to find an excuse not to work out, so having equipment that is comfortable and easy to use will help stop that excuse at least.

What you really need from any exercise equipment are programs that are easy to use and give you all the data you need to keep track of your workout. The Tunturi E60R Recumbent Bike has up to 120 programs. On feature that is unique is their T-Ride™ program which is able to give you a realistic simulation of outdoor biking, which is a big plus in many people’s eyes. Other built-in programs are Quick Start, Fitness Test, Race, Custom, Watt, and constant HRC. What this does for you is let you adjust to your needs. Weight loss goals will have different speeds and rates than endurance or a cardio workout will. It also makes it easy for more than one person to use the same machine.

Tunturi has tried to simplify the data displays. All of the data is found on a 4-inch color graphic display, each program has a recognizable symbols. Four push buttons and a selection wheel is all you need to master. Heart rate is monitored with a wireless belt and time, speed, distance, calories burned and training power are tracked. Pretty simple set up to keep track of the data you need to watch while working out. And to top it off, the information is offered in eight languages.

The hand built, heavy duty framework and material design of the Tunturi E60R Recumbent Bike allow for people up to to 300 pounds, so it should be no problem for all members of one family to be able to reap the benefits of this recumbent bike. This is what your hope is for any kind of home fitness exercise equipment, that everyone can use it and improve their overall health and fitness.

One place to purchase a Tuntrui  Recumbent Bike where it will be shipped within 2-3 days from ordering. With their Instant GE Financing Option and Free Shipping Policy, it makes online ordering as easy as can be. BiG FiTness has been in the retail, catalog and online store for 20 years, and is one of the most popular online fitness dealers in the country, shipping out over 2000 orders a month.

In addition to any manufacturers warranties, It offers a 31 day money back guarantee and a 110% price guarantee. You will see the adjusted lowest price immediately when clicking on the product on the website, with the lowest price in red. They offer frequent system wide sales, often centered around a holiday of 5% off the total order. When a sale is on, the banner is displayed prominently on the website and checkout pages.

Anyone who is looking for exercise equipment from Tunturi, will know they stand behind their proud history and patented innovations. This machine is made in Europe, a Scandinavian design but available worldwide. The Tunturi E60R Recumbent Bike will be an excellent addition for any home workout program and start you on the path to better health, stronger heart and longer life.

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