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At Ark Washing Machines, we provide an honest, reliable, friendly and fast service for your appliance and it won’t cost you the earth in Sydney. Our comprehensive washing machine repairs, dryer repairs and services include all of the popular models for both top loading and front loading washing machines. We repair most brands of domestic and commercial washing machines and dryers.

We cover Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Lower and Upper North shore and tend to your needs quicker than many manufacturers.

We sell reconditioned and new washing machines, dryers and spare parts. We also have washers and dryers available for short and long term rental.

All our work is guaranteed for 12 months unless otherwise specified at the time of service. We also provide a workshop service where you can drop your washing machine or dryer to us for a repair quote. This service obviously costs much less.

You will surely find this website very helpful if you are looking for affordable washing machines. This place is your best online resource for anything and everything about washing machines. Read the entries here about the various washing machine parts and accessories. Know the market prices of these washing machines and compare various brands and models. You will also find useful reviews that will surely help you in finding the right washing machines.

Important Features To Look For When Buying Bosch Washing Machines for Sale Online or Instore

Getting The Right Bosch washing machines are some of the best in the business and completely engineered to meet the standards of today and decades from now with some of the most efficient products currently on the market today in the U.S. Bosch washing machines for sale, Just to mention some popular models such as Bosch classixx washing machines,Bosch Exxcel WAQ28460GB Free Standing washing, Bosch 1400rpm 7kg Exxcel Led Washing Machine Reviews, Bosch classixx washing machines, Bosch logixx washing machines,Bosch was28469gb logixx Washing Machine, Bosch maxx washing machines, Bosch logixx 1600 express washing machine ,Bosch classixx maxx, Built In  Bosch washing machines logixx 8 and 7 Series,

Right now, Bosch washing machines are the most energy AND water efficient than any other brand in America.  The newest Bosch washing machines are designed to reduce energy usage up to 20% more than the average washers that most are looking to replace.  In 2009, Bosch washing machines were the Energy Star Partner of the Year and exceeds federal energy standards over 100% to save consumers plenty of money and getting a lot for the dollars they do spend, compared to other brands.

The 800 Series AquaStop Bosch washing machines are advanced systems with over a dozen different wash cycles for baby clothes to use more water and heat to clean bacteria from spit-up and poop, for allergies to ensure all traces of detergent and products on clothes are completely gone, settings for thick bedding comforters, sensitive loads like wool, and many more. integrated bosch washing machines, Bosch integrated washing machines, integrated bosch washing machines,

Vision 500 Series AquaStop Bosch washing machines also have 15 wash cycles like the 800 series including a jeans setting and Quick Light for smaller loads that can be completely done in twenty minutes.  Special heat settings help Bosch washing machines kill 99% of bacteria and to remove more stains than other brands and models with less water but the power to do more with the sixteen gallons it uses.  Bosch claims their washing machines can do the power of up to 400 gallons! Bosch exxcel washing machines,
Bosch washing machines best price.

Bosch washing machines are almost silent in operation and consumers like that.   Plus they come with a two-year warranty.  They are available at appliance retails stores such as Sear, Lowe’s, Best Buy, and appliance stores all across the country or their company website. Bosch front loader washing machines, cheapest bosch washing machines, bosch washing machines spare parts.

LG Washing Machines Comparison With Bosch

Compairing LG Washing Machines With Bosch
LG Washing Machines – Why do we love them so much?

If you have ever bought an LG washing machine, you probably have convinced several of your friends and family members to buy one for themselves. The LG Company was formed in 1947 in South Korea for making toothbrushes but moved into the electronic business.

Among the LG washing machines are the frontloaders like the WM2050CW 4.0 cu ft which comes in white, red and wild cherry. It is complete with a childlock, 19 hours delay start and LoDecibel quiet operation among numerous other features. You will also find LG steam washers to choose from.

If you are buying LG washing machines for the first time, you will be spoilt for choice as there are quite a number of machines to choose from. The good thing is that their machines are top quality performers and they do thorough tests to their machines before sending them to the markets. They do not rust and they come in chic modern styles to blend with your interior décor.

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