Which is the Best Bare Floor Vacuum Cleaner?

Once you have put down a nice wood or tile floor the next question is which is the vacuum cleaner to keep it clean simply and effectively. There are some models of bare floor vacuum which you might be interested in, and here are some of the best Internet offers around. If you want to buy top vacuum cleaners, then you can find best vacuum cleaners in India here.

1. Hoover FH40010B Floormate SpinScrub Bare Floor Vacuum Cleaner w/ Bonus Supply Kit, pictured above. This model costs around $180 online and comes with a number of accessories and attachments for cleaning different types of surface. It is a bag-less machine and among its many features it cleans, washes and even dries the floor.

This isn’t the cheapest option around but it is a very comprehensive and good quality hardwood floor vacuum cleaner which will give you a sparklingly clean floor.

2. Bissell Versus Bare Floor Vacuum with Brushless V-Shape Technology, 76T8. At under $60 this is a cheaper model and is pictured at the side of the page. It has a design which lets you easily get into awkward corners and around table and chair legs.

It is a 12 amp model and although it lacks some of the features and attachments of the first model it is certainly a good choice of lower priced model and that fact that it is a  bagless upright vacuum means that you can forget about the expense and inconvenience of buying and changing vacuum cleaner bags.

If you don’t have such a big area of flooring or you simply don’t want to spend too much on your bare floor vacuum cleaner then you might be tempted by the good value and good online customer reviews of this one.

Check the Warranty Before Buying

Both of these vacuum cleaners come with a one year warranty – you should check this detail on the online vendor site before buying – and are certainly a great improvement on cleaning your wooden floor with a mop and a bucket.

How to Carry Out a Vacuum Comparison

When you are  buying a new vacuum cleaner the sheer number of models and features can make it difficult to pick out the right one for you. You will find that a number of Internet vendor sites offer a vacuum comparison chart to let you work out which model best suits you. Below are a few of the factors to take into account:

Hand held or upright. The upright vacuum cleaner is the most popular type, and most people find it easier to use. The hand held models can be useful for getting into hard to reach places and the cordless type can be good for cleaning out the car if you park it quite far from power sources.

Warranty. As with any relatively big purchase, a long warranty will give you peace of mind.

Wet dry vac or dry only. You might be interested in choosing a vacuum cleaner which lets you tidy up liquid spills as well as solid waste, and a vacuum comparison between the two models needs to take into account both the price difference and how useful you find this wet vac feature.

Dust bin capacity and ease of emptying. A bigger bin means less frequent emptying, and one which is easier to empty saves time and frustration.

Best on which type of surface. To do a proper vacuum comparison you need to consider how much of your home has carpets and how much has wooden or tiles floors: to let you decide between a conventional and a bare floor vacuum.

Weight and cord length. These factors can be especially important in big homes and for people with back problems.

Range of accessories. Some cleaners come with a number of attachments, while others can be bought separately. The price of filters and bag should also be taken into account during your vacuum comparison Dyson, Miele and other big brands offer better quality but more expensive accessories in general.

Choose a Model Which Keeps your Air Fresh

Quality of the vacuum filters. Hypoallergenic or HEPA filters will capture almost all of the dust in your home, and are recommended when there are small children in the house.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Riccar Vacuum Cleaners

The Riccar vacuum cleaner firm from California makes and sells a wide range of model of cleaners all across the US, with much of the manufacturing carried out in St James, Missouri.

Here we will have a look at a couple of their most popular models:

Riccar Premium Radiance upright model, which is pictured above. This is a top quality vacuum cleaner and like all of the Riccar vacuum models it is a lot more sturdy and solid looking than many other types of upright vacuum . The downside to this is that it is a fairly heavy machine, and some people may prefer to look for a more lightweight vacuum cleaner.

One of its features is the dirt sensing display, which promises to light up the area immediately in front of the machine so that you can see more clearly where extra effort is going to be needed. The model comes with an impressive 6 year warranty but all purchases come with lifetime warranties on the vacuum belts.

Another nice touch is the set of indicator lights which tell you when there is a jam, when you need to replace the bag or change the filter. It also comes with a useful 3 in 1 tool for cleaning up small, awkward spaces.

Riccar Vibrance Deluxe upright model with tools, pictured at the side of this paragraph. This model includes many of the same features which make many of the firm’s models so popular – a solid, metal constuction, HEPA filter and attention to detail. This one comes with a 4 year warranty, an aluminum handle tube, a 30 feet cord and some nice accesories. You can expect to pay a little over $500 at one of the authorized Riccar dealers.

Finding a Local Supplier

Despite the firm’s high quality approach the one final complaint which some users have is that it can be difficult to find these vacuums on sale locally. The best way to find a local dealer is to check on the offical site.

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